Saints GM says head coach Dennis Allen will not be fired

It looks like Saints fans should expect more of the same come 2024. New Orleans Saints executive vice president and general manager Mickey Loomis held his annual end-of-season press conference on Wednesday, addressing the team’s performance and future plans. Despite firing longtime offensive coordinator Pete Carmichael, Loomis remained steadfast in his decision to not complete the transition by firing head coach Dennis Allen.

When asked about the decision to bring back Allen, Loomis defended his choice by referencing the early years of successful coaches such as Chuck Noll, Bill Belichick, Tom Landry, and Bill Walsh. He emphasized that judging coaches and quarterbacks solely based on the result of a season is a lazy approach and that there are various factors at play in a team’s performance.

However, Allen currently has the lowest win percentage of any active head coach in the league at 34.3%. The Saints’ performance under Allen has been inconsistent, with the team finishing ninth and 15th in defensive DVOA in his two seasons as head coach. Similarly, the offense under Carmichael experienced a significant decline, finishing 26th and 17th in offensive DVOA in the two years since Sean Payton left the organization.

This pattern of sticking with familiar faces has been a defining characteristic of the post-Drew Brees and Sean Payton era. Loomis and the Saints ownership have continued to retain coaches and players despite the lack of desired results. The team has relied on cap magic to manage contracts, avoided taking risks with rookie quarterbacks, and handed out big deals to veteran talents. However, these half-measures have failed to yield significant success, with the team making only one conference championship appearance since winning the Super Bowl in 2009.

The Saints’ recent performances have been underwhelming, with a 16-18 record under Allen in two seasons and a 9-8 finish this year despite having a favorable schedule and playing in a weak division. Additionally, the team has struggled with an aging roster, ranking as the oldest in the league in 2023. The Saints have not made the playoffs since Brees retired, and their cap situation for the upcoming season is dire, being $82.2 million over the cap.

Despite these challenges, Loomis expressed a slow-play approach when it comes to finding a new offensive coordinator. He emphasized the importance of taking time to make a thoughtful and planned decision rather than rushing to hire someone out of fear of missing out. This further highlights the team’s inclination to stick with the status quo rather than making significant changes.

Overall, it seems that Saints fans should brace themselves for more of the same in the coming seasons. The team’s reluctance to make substantial changes and their continued reliance on familiar faces have not yielded the desired results. Unless there is a significant shift in the organization’s approach, the Saints may continue to fall short of their previous success.

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