Ron DeSantis Not Happy Florida State Left Out Of NCAA Football Playoff — And He’s Ready To Sue – DraftKings (NASDAQ:DKNG), Walt Disney (NYSE:DIS)

The NCAA Football regular season has come to a close, and the Selection Committee has chosen the four football teams that will compete in a four-team playoff to determine the National Champion. However, one team that was left out of the playoff has sparked controversy and even political involvement.

Despite having a perfect 13-0 record, Florida State was not selected by the NCAA Football Playoff Selection Committee. This decision has angered several political leaders and ignited a debate among sports analysts. The committee chose Michigan, Washington, Texas, and Alabama as the four teams in the playoff, leaving out not only Florida State but also ending hopes for Georgia to win back-to-back-to-back NCAA Football Championships.

The decision to exclude Florida State has raised questions about season records, conference favoritism, strength of schedule, and the significance of an undefeated season. Additionally, the fact that Florida State lost their starting quarterback and star player Jordan Travis to a leg injury late in the season was used as an argument by the Selection Committee, stating that the team was not the same after the injury.

Florida State’s exclusion from the playoff is significant as they became the first undefeated team from a Power 5 conference to be left out. This decision has not only caused debates among sports analysts but has also spilled over into the world of politics. Florida governor and 2024 presidential hopeful Ron DeSantis criticized the decision and even suggested taking legal action. DeSantis expressed his disappointment, stating that his children, who are big fans of Florida State, were not happy with the decision.

DeSantis went on to request $1 million from Florida’s budget to sue the Selection Committee. He stated, “We are going to set aside $1 million and let the chips fall where they may.” Senator Rick Scott also questioned the decision and requested the release of emails, text messages, and communications made by the Selection Committee for transparency.

The controversy surrounding Florida State’s exclusion from the playoff has drawn the attention of other Florida figures as well. Representative Jared Moskowitz called the decision corrupt and suggested that it was influenced by television money. Representative Byron Donalds, a Florida State alumnus, criticized the committee for leaving out his alma mater, calling them “trash.”

Even former President Donald Trump weighed in on the matter, suggesting that DeSantis could be to blame for Florida State’s exclusion. Trump posted on his Truth Social platform, “Florida State was treated very badly by the ‘Committee.’ They become the first Power Five team to be left out of the College Football Playoffs. Really bad lobbying effort…Let’s blame DeSanctimonious!!!”

While the debate continues to rage, Florida State will now compete in a different non-playoff bowl game, the Orange Bowl, against Georgia. This game could have an impact on the criticism received by the Selection Committee. Florida State is currently considered a significant underdog, with odds of +470 to win the game, according to DraftKings Inc. If Florida State manages to win, it could fuel further criticism of the committee’s decision.

In the end, the exclusion of Florida State from the playoff has sparked controversy and political involvement. The decision has led to debates about fairness, transparency, and the impact of injuries on a team’s performance. As the Orange Bowl approaches, all eyes will be on Florida State as they aim to prove that they deserved a spot in the playoff and that the committee made a mistake.

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