Rapper Busted Going 133 MPH, Allowed To Keep Gun

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The following sections contain paragraphs of text that provide details about the arrest. The paragraphs mention that a body cam footage of Playboi Carti being arrested for driving over 133 miles per hour on Atlanta’s I-75/85 Southbound Expressway has leaked online. The TMZ Hip Hop obtained the police report, which revealed that Carti was charged with multiple traffic violations, including reckless driving. Despite trying to plead with the arresting officer, Carti was placed in the back of the officer’s vehicle.

Another section mentions that a search of Carti’s car also found a legally registered Glock handgun on the passenger seat. The firearm had an extended magazine, but no round was chambered. Carti’s background check confirmed that he was not a convicted felon, and his uncle later arrived at the scene to take possession of the weapon.

The article continues with a lighter note, mentioning a funny moment during Carti’s booking when a fan recognized him and openly admitted that Carti was their favorite rapper.

The article concludes by mentioning that Carti emerged with a clean slate from the incident and highlights his upcoming challenge of releasing his album and touring after facing numerous delays.

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element to group and organize different sections of an article about Playboi Carti’s arrest. Each section contains specific content, such as images, paragraphs of text, and references to external sources.

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