PSG rebuild is right thing to do, even if its cost is Mbappe

PSG’s Youthful Approach: A Step Back or a Step Forward?

The architects of Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) should be commended for their decision to take a step back and focus on building a team, rather than simply collecting star players. After the departures of Lionel Messi and Neymar, PSG resisted the temptation to chase marquee signings to fill the void. Instead, they opted to give young talents a chance to shine.

In their recent 1-1 draw with Newcastle, PSG fielded four starters aged 25 or under, with three more coming off the bench. This youthful approach is a refreshing change for a team that has often relied on big-name signings. It shows that PSG is committed to nurturing and developing young talent, rather than relying solely on established stars.

However, this transition hasn’t been without its challenges. PSG’s performance against Newcastle, for instance, highlighted some growing pains. Despite generating a high expected goals (xG) tally of 4.54, PSG struggled to break down their opponents’ defense for most of the match. Their finishing was particularly poor, with several missed opportunities that could have secured a victory.

This lack of clinical finishing has been a recurring issue for PSG in the Champions League. In their previous match against AC Milan, they suffered a heavy defeat, further highlighting their struggles in front of goal. While it’s understandable that young players will experience ups and downs, PSG’s lack of cutting edge is a concern.

The club’s decision to focus on youth development is a long-term strategy aimed at building a stronger team for the future. Players like Warren Zaire-Emery, Ugarte, Kolo Muani, and Ramos are gaining valuable experience that will benefit them in the long run. However, there is a sense of urgency, as star player Kylian Mbappe may not be willing to wait for the team’s young talents to fully develop.

Mbappe’s future at PSG is uncertain, and if the team continues to struggle in the Champions League, it may push him closer to a move away from the club. Without Mbappe leading their attack, PSG’s chances of winning the elusive European Cup diminish significantly. While the young players may form a formidable team in the future, the absence of a world-class striker like Mbappe could hinder their pursuit of silverware.

Despite these challenges, PSG still has control over their destiny in the Champions League. A win against Dortmund in their upcoming match will secure their progression, as will a draw if Newcastle fails to defeat Milan. However, it seems that reaching the knockout stages is the ceiling of their ambitions for this season.

PSG’s decision to take a step back and focus on youth development was a necessary move after years of trying to assemble a star-studded team. While it may seem ironic that this approach could ultimately prevent them from winning the biggest prize in European football, it is a necessary sacrifice for future success. Only time will tell if PSG’s investment in youth pays off and if they can finally claim the European Cup they so desperately desire.

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