PM Elisabeth Borne Steps Down Ahead Of Emmanuel Macron’s Expected Cabinet Overhaul

French Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne has resigned, paving the way for a cabinet reshuffle by President Emmanuel Macron. Borne submitted the government’s resignation, which was subsequently accepted by Macron. This development has sparked speculation about who might succeed her, with Gabriel Attal, Sebastien Lecornu, Bruno Le Maire, and Julien Denormandie being suggested as potential candidates, according to a report by Al Jazeera.

Borne’s service has been praised by the presidency, and Macron has expressed gratitude for her contributions. Borne, the second woman to hold the prime minister’s office in France, was appointed in May 2022 and will serve as a caretaker until a new government is established.

Borne’s resignation comes amid Macron’s promise of a new political initiative, following a year marked by political turmoil due to controversial reforms to the pension system and immigration laws. This news also comes just five months before the European Parliament elections, in which Eurosceptics are expected to make gains due to public discontent over increasing living costs and migration issues.

According to opinion polls, Macron’s party trails the party of far-right leader Marine Le Pen by about eight to 10 points ahead of the June vote. The cabinet reshuffle may not indicate a shift in policy, but it could signal a move towards new priorities, including achieving full employment.

This development comes a year after Macron faced a critical test as violent protests broke out in Paris over controversial pension reforms. Macron’s government bypassed parliament to push through an unpopular pension reform. The protests led to the French National Assembly examining no-confidence motions against the Macron government, but it narrowly survived the vote.

The resignation of Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne marks a significant moment in French politics, as President Emmanuel Macron seeks to navigate a challenging political landscape. As the country prepares for the European Parliament elections, the cabinet reshuffle will be closely watched for any indications of the government’s priorities and strategies moving forward.

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