‘Parasite’ Star Lee Sun-kyun Begged Police Not To Publicly Reveal Drug Probe

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The article starts by discussing the investigation of South Korean actor Lee Sun-kyun, who starred in the movie ‘Parasite’. The first section contains an image of Lee Sun-kyun, followed by a paragraph stating that he had begged the police not to publicly announce that he was under investigation for using illegal drugs, just four days before his apparent suicide.

The next section mentions that Sun-kyun’s lawyer had requested the police to close the latest questioning round to the press, but they declined. The article then includes another image of the police examining a car in Seoul, where Sun-kyun’s body was found.

Following that, the article includes paragraphs about Sun-kyun’s lawyer expressing his hope for future interrogations to be private, the police chief’s regret over Sun-kyun’s passing, and the initial report of Sun-kyun’s death. These sections are interspersed with images related to the investigation and the car in which Sun-kyun was found.

The article continues by discussing the drug blackmail plot that Sun-kyun was under investigation for, where he was accused of using marijuana and other substances at the home of a hostess from a local bar. Sun-kyun claimed that the hostess deceived him into taking the drugs and tried to blackmail him. It is mentioned that Sun-kyun was last questioned by the police on December 23 and was detained for 19 hours before being released.

The article concludes by mentioning that two suspects were arrested in connection with the narcotics investigation, and a day before Sun-kyun was found dead, he requested through his attorney that the police administer a lie detector test to him and the two others. However, it is not clear if the polygraph exam was conducted.

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