Open Text to Sell AMC Business to Rocket Software for $2.28 Billion in Cash

Open Text, a leading provider of enterprise information management software and solutions, has announced its decision to divest its application modernization and connectivity business. The company has agreed to sell this division to Rocket Software for a whopping $2.28 billion in cash. This move is seen as a strategic step towards strengthening Open Text’s focus on cloud computing and artificial intelligence, while also ensuring more predictable growth.

The application modernization and connectivity business has been a significant part of Open Text’s operations. However, the company believes that divesting this division will allow them to concentrate on their core competencies and align their resources towards areas with higher growth potential. By selling this business unit to Rocket Software, Open Text is ensuring a smooth transition for its customers and employees involved in the division.

Open Text has been a pioneer in the enterprise information management industry, providing software solutions that enable organizations to effectively manage their data, content, and processes. With the increasing demand for cloud-based solutions and the advancements in artificial intelligence, the company sees immense potential in focusing its efforts on these areas.

The sale of the application modernization and connectivity business to Rocket Software will not only provide Open Text with a significant cash infusion but also allow them to reallocate resources towards developing innovative cloud-based and AI-driven solutions. This strategic shift will enable the company to better serve its customers and stay ahead in a rapidly evolving market.

Rocket Software, the acquiring company, is a global software development firm specializing in enterprise modernization and optimization. With this acquisition, Rocket Software will gain access to a well-established customer base and a talented pool of employees with expertise in application modernization and connectivity.

The agreement between Open Text and Rocket Software is expected to be completed in the coming months, subject to regulatory approvals. Open Text is confident that this divestiture will have a positive impact on its business, as it can focus on its core strengths and invest in areas that offer higher growth potential.

In conclusion, Open Text’s decision to divest its application modernization and connectivity business to Rocket Software for $2.28 billion in cash highlights the company’s commitment to focusing on cloud computing and artificial intelligence. By reallocating its resources and streamlining its operations, Open Text aims to strengthen its position in the market and drive more predictable growth. This strategic move is expected to benefit both Open Text and Rocket Software, allowing them to capitalize on their respective strengths and deliver enhanced value to their customers.

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