NY Bar Security Staff Roped Into Brawl After Trying to Break Up Fight

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1. Video Block:

element with the class “video-block” contains a video player and an image. It is used to display a video thumbnail and provide a play button for the video content.

2. Text Blocks:

elements with the class “canvas-text-block” are used to display paragraphs of text. Each

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3. Image Blocks:

element with the class “image-block” is used to display an image. It contains an element that specifies the source of the image.

4. Media Credits:
The element with the class “media-credit” is used to display the source or credit for a media item, such as a video or image.

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element is a fundamental building block in HTML for structuring and organizing web content. It allows developers to group and manipulate elements collectively, providing flexibility and control over the layout and presentation of a webpage.

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