Nick Cannon and Zeus Network Slammed For Dark Skin vs. Light Skin Competition

Nick Cannon and Zeus Network are facing backlash for a competition that divided women based on their skin tone. The competition, called “Bad vs. Wild Las Vegas,” featured “Wild ‘N Out” stars from Nick’s side and “Baddies” from Zeus’ side. One of the themes of the competition was a separation by skin tone.

Promotional posts for the event sparked outrage due to their colorist implications. Zeus initially referred to the competition as a battle between “dark skin” and “light skin” women. However, after receiving criticism, they changed the name to “Chocolate Goddesses VS Caramel Goddesses.”

The name change did not appease critics, who argued that the intent of the competition remained the same. Many people expressed their disapproval, stating that this competition was just as bad as pitting lightskin against darkskin. Some comments suggested that Zeus and Nick were trying to put a positive spin on colorism without addressing the underlying issue.

In addition to the “dark skin” vs. “light skin” competition, Zeus and Nick also organized a “BBWs vs. Slim Girls” competition on the same night, which received similar backlash.

Zeus attempted to defend themselves by saying, “Remember, we’re here to break down stereotypes, not to uphold them.” However, critics argue that the competitions only reinforce harmful stereotypes rather than challenging them.

It remains to be seen whether Zeus will still air the controversial competitions. The incident has sparked a larger conversation about colorism and the responsibility of content creators to promote inclusivity and diversity without perpetuating harmful stereotypes.

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