NFL teams ripe for an upset; Aaron Rodgers is still a dolt; So is Jameis Winston; All the coaches & GMs who got axed

The Chicago Bears have had a tough start to the NFL season, and much of the blame falls on their head coach, Matt Eberflus. Eberflus has made several questionable decisions that have cost the team dearly, and it’s becoming clear that he may not be the right person for the job.

One of the biggest issues with Eberflus is his inability to properly prepare his team for the season. The Bears started the season with four straight losses, and it was clear that they were not ready to compete. Eberflus wasted training camp and failed to get the team in shape, leading to numerous injuries and a lack of cohesion on the field.

In addition to his poor preparation, Eberflus has also made some questionable coaching decisions during games. The Bears have blown three double-digit fourth-quarter leads, including a particularly embarrassing loss to the Denver Broncos, who had given up 70 points the week before. Eberflus’s decision to cover the Broncos’ only reliable target with a defensive tackle was baffling and ultimately cost the team the game.

Furthermore, Eberflus’s coaching staff has come under scrutiny for HR issues. Two assistant coaches were fired for undisclosed reasons, but rumors suggest that it may have been due to inappropriate behavior. This reflects poorly on Eberflus’s ability to manage his staff and create a professional environment.

To make matters worse, Eberflus’s team completely collapsed in their final game against the Green Bay Packers. Despite showing some promise in previous games, the Bears failed to put up a fight and were easily defeated. This lack of fight and resilience is concerning and suggests that Eberflus may not have the ability to motivate his players.

Overall, it’s clear that Matt Eberflus is not the right fit for the Chicago Bears. His inability to properly prepare the team, questionable coaching decisions, and issues with his coaching staff have all contributed to the team’s poor start to the season. It may be time for the Bears to consider making a change at the head coaching position in order to turn their season around.

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