NFL buying ESPN is final push to end sports journalism

The potential merger between the NFL and ESPN has raised concerns about the future of critical coverage of the league. With the NFL possibly buying a stake in ESPN, there is a fear that the self-proclaimed Worldwide Leader in Sports could become nothing more than the PR arm of the most popular league in America.

One of the main issues with this merger is the lack of investigative reporting on the NFL. Already, there is a problem with important reporting being buried at the bottom of websites, but if the NFL gains decision-making power at ESPN, the situation could worsen. The NFL Network has already limited the extent to which its reporters can ply their craft, hiring stellar reporters only to control their coverage.

The decrease in critical coverage of the NFL has significant implications. It means that important stories about Roger Goodell and the league’s flaws will go unnoticed. Furthermore, the quality of journalism for the masses will suffer as well. Newsrooms have already been decimated, and reporters are often forced to cover multiple beats, resulting in less expertise in specific areas.

The potential merger also raises concerns about the number of reporters employed in the sports media industry. Sports journalism is becoming less about actual reporting and more about aggregation and AI-generated content. This shift has resulted in a decrease in the number of reporters and a lower quality of journalism.

Additionally, online harassment and threats have become a significant issue for journalists. Nearly half of working journalists in the US have experienced online harassment, with people of color and women being disproportionately affected. This online harassment can deter reporters from covering difficult stories and topics, resulting in fewer critical voices in sports journalism.

The NFL is a massive organization that generates billions of dollars in revenue. It is essential to have investigative journalism that holds the league accountable, just as we do with other large corporations. Leaving the NFL uninvestigated would be a disservice to the public and could potentially allow harm to go unchecked.

In conclusion, the potential merger between the NFL and ESPN raises concerns about the future of critical coverage of the league. The lack of investigative reporting, decrease in the number of reporters, and online harassment of journalists all contribute to a worrisome situation. It is crucial to have independent and critical voices in sports journalism to hold the NFL accountable and ensure the well-being of the sport and its fans.

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