Nardo Wick Speaks Out Following Entourage’s Attack on Fan, Tried to Stop It

Nardo Wick, the popular rapper, has finally spoken out after members of his entourage brutally attacked a fan who simply wanted a photo. The incident occurred after Wick’s show in Tampa on Sunday night, and video footage obtained by TMZ shows one member of his entourage punching the fan from the side while another punches him straight on. The fan, identified as George Obregon Jr., suffered a severe concussion and brain bleed as a result.

In a recent Instagram post, Nardo Wick expressed his dismay over the incident and claimed that he had reached out to the fan’s mother to apologize and express his concern. He stated that he does not condone the actions of his team members and that he was not aware of their intentions. Wick mentioned that he tried to intervene and stop the assault, as shown in the video, but was unable to prevent it. He emphasized that he loves and appreciates all his fans and does not support any form of violence or aggression.

TMZ has also obtained Instagram messages from Wick to George’s mother, as well as direct messages to George himself. These messages illustrate the rapper’s genuine upset over the incident. Nardo’s mother, who also serves as his manager, has been in contact with George’s mother to receive updates on his medical condition.

The Tampa Police Department is now involved in the investigation and is seeking assistance in identifying the individuals responsible for the attack. However, in his social media post, Wick did not mention whether he has been cooperating with the police to identify the assailants.

This incident highlights the unfortunate reality that celebrities often face, where their actions or the actions of their entourage can have serious consequences. While Nardo Wick claims that he was unable to prevent the assault, it raises questions about the responsibility of artists to ensure the safety of their fans during public appearances.

As the investigation continues, it is crucial that justice is served, and the individuals responsible for the attack are held accountable. The incident serves as a reminder that violence is never an acceptable solution and that fans should be able to enjoy their favorite artists’ performances without fear of harm.

In the future, it is essential for artists and their teams to prioritize the safety and well-being of their fans and address any potential issues within their entourage. By fostering an environment of respect and professionalism, incidents like this can be prevented, ensuring that fans can continue to engage with their favorite artists in a positive and safe manner.

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