Microsoft’s AI-Assitant Copilot Makes Its Debut With ChatGPT-Like App On Android – Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT)

Microsoft Corporation has quietly introduced its AI-driven standalone Copilot app exclusively for Android users. The app, which was launched around a week ago, offers chatbot features, image creation with DALL-E 3, and text composition for emails and documents. It also provides free access to OpenAI’s newest GPT-4 model, a feature that ChatGPT users must pay for. This move follows Microsoft’s decision to rebrand Bing Chat as Copilot and make it a standalone experience. The introduction of the mobile app for Copilot is seen as the next step in expanding the unique Copilot experience. While there is no iOS version of Copilot yet, it is anticipated to be on the way.

Earlier this month, Microsoft expanded its AI-powered assistant, Copilot, to all Windows users through its partnership with OpenAI. Copilot helps users organize their open windows, streamline productivity by putting the system on Do Not Disturb or Mute, summarize stories in open tabs, edit photos, and generate images. The launch of the Copilot app on Android is another milestone in Microsoft’s commitment to integrating AI into its products, and it is expected to be just one of many steps in its AI journey.

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