Look what the Royals want to do to KC; Rob Manfred stepping down, Lenny Dykstra has a stroke

The Oakland A’s and the Kansas City Royals are two Major League Baseball teams that have been making headlines recently for their stadium funding requests. While the A’s have been asking for $380 million in public funding for a new stadium on the Las Vegas strip, the Royals have been quietly making moves in Kansas City that have raised eyebrows.

In a recent article by Julie DiCaro on Deadspin, it was revealed that the Royals are planning to build a new stadium in Kansas City, despite already having a perfectly good stadium in Kauffman Stadium. The new stadium is rumored to cost upwards of $1 billion, and the Royals are reportedly asking for significant public funding to help cover the costs.

This news has sparked outrage among many Kansas City residents, who feel that the Royals are taking advantage of taxpayers by asking for such a large sum of money for a new stadium. Many argue that the team should focus on improving Kauffman Stadium, which has been home to the Royals since 1973 and is considered a beloved landmark in the city.

Critics of the Royals’ stadium plans point to the fact that the team has not been performing well in recent years, and question whether building a new stadium is the best use of public funds. They argue that the money could be better spent on improving schools, infrastructure, or other public services that would benefit the entire community.

On the other hand, supporters of the Royals’ stadium plans argue that a new stadium could bring economic benefits to the city, such as increased tourism and job opportunities. They believe that investing in a new stadium could revitalize the area and attract more fans to games, which would ultimately benefit the team and the city as a whole.

Regardless of where you stand on the issue, it’s clear that the Royals’ stadium plans have sparked a heated debate in Kansas City. As the team moves forward with their plans, it will be interesting to see how the community responds and whether the team is able to secure the funding they need to make their new stadium a reality.

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