Legend of ‘Tommy Cutlets’ continues as DeVito gets Giants start

The Legend of Tommy Cutlets: Tommy DeVito Continues to Shine as Giants’ Starting QB

Tommy DeVito, the undrafted rookie quarterback, will once again lead the New York Giants when they face off against the Green Bay Packers on Monday Night Football. Despite Tyrod Taylor’s imminent return from a rib injury, head coach Brian Daboll has decided to stick with DeVito, who has won two out of his past three starts.

“I just thought Tommy earned it,” Daboll said of DeVito. “Went back, watched all the tape, thought he played two good games. Obviously, there are things we can all work on. Thought he earned the right to play.”

DeVito’s rise to QB1 has been remarkable. He has thrown for 697 yards and seven touchdowns, earning the respect and support of his teammates. Running back Saquon Barkley even gave him the nickname “Tommy Cutlets,” and fans have embraced it. DeVito’s celebration, the “finger purse,” which pays homage to his Italian heritage, has become a popular gesture among Giants players and fans.

Off the field, DeVito has also made an impact. In November, hundreds of fans turned out for an autograph signing event at Primo Hoagies in Wayne, NJ. The community has rallied behind DeVito, who hails from Cedar Grove, NJ, and still lives with his parents.

Daboll has been impressed with DeVito’s performance and growth throughout the season. “He’s improved in each of the games he’s played. I thought he played well the last two games. Made good decisions, was accurate with the football, and earned the right to play,” Daboll said.

DeVito’s success extends beyond the football field. He recently led the Giants to their first home win against the New England Patriots in 36 years, a significant achievement for both DeVito and the team. The 25-year-old quarterback is no stranger to MetLife Stadium, having won a state title there during his high school career with the Don Bosco Prep Ironmen.

As DeVito continues to shine as the Giants’ starting QB, his legend grows. Fans eagerly anticipate each game, hoping to witness more of his impressive plays and leadership on the field. DeVito’s journey from an undrafted rookie to a beloved quarterback has captivated not only Giants fans but also football enthusiasts across the league.

Only time will tell how far Tommy Cutlets can take the Giants, but one thing is for sure: his impact on the team and the community is already legendary.

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