Kim Mulkey must be questions about LSU’s diversity scrub

Kim Mulkey, the head coach of the LSU women’s basketball team, has consistently shown where she stands on social matters. She leans to the Right, which is her right. However, when 83 percent of her team consists of women of color, it becomes her responsibility to address how her employer’s decisions will affect them.

Recently, LSU has come under scrutiny for scrubbing its diversity statement from the school website and renaming its inclusion office, removing diversity language from its website. This move has raised concerns about the university’s commitment to diversity and inclusion.

LSU President William Tate’s definition of “engagement” has also raised eyebrows. He defines engagement as a two-way process that enables change on both sides, emphasizing a commitment to finding solutions to pressing challenges. However, this definition seems to prioritize diversity of thought over the diversity of people, which can lead to a lack of representation and inclusion.

This is where Kim Mulkey’s role becomes significant. As one of the faces of the school and a highly successful coach, she has a responsibility to address these concerns, especially considering her history of speaking out on social matters. Mulkey has been known for recruiting Black players and has built a reputation as one of the most successful coaches in college basketball. Therefore, it is essential for her to answer the questions of Black parents and players when the school’s decisions raise concerns about diversity and inclusion.

Mulkey’s past actions and statements have also come under scrutiny. In 2013, she reportedly advised players at Baylor, where she previously coached, not to be open about their sexuality, citing concerns about recruiting. This raises questions about her commitment to supporting and advocating for her players’ rights.

Furthermore, in 2017, Mulkey promoted violence in defense of her employer, Baylor, during a time when the school was embroiled in a rape scandal. Her remarks were widely criticized, as they seemed to downplay the severity of the situation and prioritize loyalty to the institution over the well-being of the victims.

Additionally, in 2019, Mulkey made remarks that seemed to undermine women’s equality in sports. She stated that she would hire the best person for the job, regardless of gender, in response to former Notre Dame head coach Muffet McGraw’s comments on women’s equality. This statement disregards the importance of representation and the need to uplift women in coaching positions.

When coaches recruit players, they make promises to parents regarding the protection and support of their children. Therefore, if LSU is making decisions that undermine diversity and inclusion, it is Mulkey’s responsibility to address these concerns. She cannot remain silent when the university’s actions show a lack of care for the individuals who make up her team.

In conclusion, Kim Mulkey has consistently shown her stance on social matters, leaning to the Right. However, when a significant majority of her team consists of women of color, it becomes her responsibility to address how her employer’s decisions will affect them. LSU’s recent actions regarding diversity and inclusion raise concerns, and Mulkey must answer for them. It is crucial for her to advocate for her players and ensure that they are supported and valued within the university.

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