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tag is a container element used to group other HTML elements together and apply styles or functionality to them as a whole. It does not have any inherent visual representation and is often used in conjunction with CSS to format and structure the content on a webpage.

In the given article, the

tag is used multiple times to structure and organize the content. It is used to wrap image and video blocks, creating separate sections for each element. It helps in maintaining the layout and hierarchy of the content.

For example, in the first

block, it contains an image block with a link to view the image. The image is displayed with a specific width and height and is loaded lazily for better performance. This

block is part of a larger section with a unique ID and class, which helps in identifying and styling it.

Similarly, other

blocks are used to wrap different content elements like text blocks, videos, and image blocks. Each

block has its own unique ID and class, allowing for targeted styling and manipulation.


tag is a fundamental building block in HTML and plays a crucial role in structuring the content of a webpage. It provides flexibility and control over the layout and presentation of the elements within it. Additionally, it can be used alongside other HTML elements and CSS properties to create complex and dynamic webpages.

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