Kendall Jenner Shares First Snap with Ex Bad Bunny From NYE Celebrations

Kendall Jenner and Bad Bunny might have called it quits, but that doesn’t mean they can’t remain friends. The model and rapper were spotted together on New Year’s Eve, and Kendall even shared pictures from their trip on social media.

While there is no romantic reconciliation happening between the two, it’s clear that they are amicable exes. In the snap from a Barbados beach, Kendall and Bad Bunny were seen nestled amongst a large group of friends, all taking in the fireworks to celebrate the start of 2024.

Kendall only shared one picture of her ex, but the rest of her Instagram gallery was filled with smokin’ hot bikini snaps. It seems like she’s embracing the new year with a positive mindset and focusing on herself.

The images of Bad Bunny fully confirm what was reported last week. In one of the pictures, he can be seen chatting with Kendall on the beach. Additionally, a clip shared by Kendall’s friend captured him wishing everyone a “Feliz Año Nuevo” during the NYE extravaganza. It’s evident that they still have a good relationship despite their breakup.

Sources with direct knowledge revealed that Kendall and Bad Bunny remain close even after their split. The two had a whirlwind romance, starting with a double date with Justin and Hailey Bieber in February of last year. They were then spotted on a horseback riding date in April, before officially confirming their relationship by cuddling up at Drake’s show and doing a Gucci campaign together.

News of their breakup emerged last month. However, seeing how much time they are spending together, it wouldn’t be surprising if a reunion is in the cards for the pair this year. Of course, only time will tell if they decide to give their relationship another shot.

Whether they end up back together or not, it’s refreshing to see exes maintaining a friendly and amicable bond. Kendall and Bad Bunny serve as a reminder that relationships don’t always have to end in bitterness. They can evolve into meaningful friendships, even after the romance has faded.

As Kendall starts the new year flaunting her stunning bikini pictures, it’s clear that she is focused on herself and enjoying life to the fullest. And who knows, maybe 2024 holds new adventures and possibilities for both Kendall Jenner and Bad Bunny, whether together or separately.

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