Jussie Smollett Reunites With ‘Empire’ Showrunner Amid Legal Woes

Jussie Smollett, the troubled actor known for his role in the hit TV show “Empire,” is making efforts to revive his career despite ongoing legal troubles. Smollett was recently spotted having a reunion lunch with “Empire” showrunner Brett Mahoney, sparking speculation of a possible future collaboration.

The sighting took place outside Crossroads Kitchen in Los Angeles, where Smollett and Mahoney shared a hug. However, any TV comeback for Smollett seems unlikely in the near future as he continues to deal with personal and legal issues.

Sources close to the actor revealed that he is currently in the midst of a rehab stint for substance abuse. Smollett checked himself into an outpatient facility back in October and has been working on overcoming his addiction. His dedication to self-improvement is evident in his recent behavior, such as being spotted reading Matthew Perry’s book on his own substance abuse battle.

Despite his efforts to move forward, Smollett’s legal troubles persist. He recently lost his appeal after being convicted for lying to the police about a fake hate crime attack in Chicago back in 2019. His lawyers have vowed to continue fighting in the Illinois Supreme Court, although there is no guarantee that the court will hear the case.

If the court denies his appeal, Smollett could potentially return to jail as soon as January to serve the remaining 144 days of his 150-day sentence. So far, he has only served six days.

It remains to be seen how Smollett’s career will unfold in the coming months. While he faces significant challenges, his determination to better himself is admirable. Whether he can make a successful comeback in the entertainment industry will depend on various factors, including public perception and opportunities for redemption. Only time will tell if Smollett can overcome the obstacles in his path and rebuild his career.

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