Jussie Smollett Could Delay Serving Jail Time for More than a Year

The Jussie Smollett case continues to make headlines as the actor’s appeal in his fake attack case has been denied by an Illinois appeals court. However, this doesn’t mean that Smollett will immediately go to jail to serve his sentence. In fact, he still has a chance to avoid jail time.

Smollett was convicted of faking an attack on the streets of Chicago back in January 2019. He was initially sentenced to 150 days in jail but only served 6 days before being freed pending appeal. The recent ruling by the appeals court upholds his conviction, but Smollett is not giving up just yet.

He has vowed to file a petition with the Illinois Supreme Court to review his case. While the High Court is not required to hear it, Smollett hopes that they will decide to review his case. During this process, he will not go back to jail, as he is pushing for the Court to hear his appeal.

If the Illinois Supreme Court decides to hear the case and upholds the verdict, Smollett would go to jail. However, it would take around a year for the court to hear the case and make a decision. This means that if his appeal is granted, Smollett could be free for another three and a half years before potentially facing jail time.

The wheels of justice are definitely grinding slowly in this case. Smollett has 35 days to file his appeal with the Illinois Supreme Court, and it usually takes around 2 months for the court to decide whether they want to hear a case. If they reject his appeal, Smollett’s options for appeals will be limited, and he could be back in jail by late February or March.

For now, the future of Jussie Smollett’s case remains uncertain. As he continues to fight for his innocence, the public will have to wait and see what the Illinois Supreme Court decides. One thing is for sure, though – this case is far from over, and the outcome will have significant implications for Smollett’s future.

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