‘Jury Duty’ Editor Arrested for Child Endangerment No Longer Tied to Amazon

Prominent Hollywood Editor Removed from Amazon Prime Show Amidst Arrest for Child Endangerment

Christopher Charkowski, a well-known Hollywood editor, is facing professional repercussions following his recent arrest for child endangerment. Despite initial speculation that he would continue working on a major Amazon Prime show, TMZ has confirmed that he is no longer affiliated with the studio. Charkowski, 39, was arrested in Los Angeles County on a felony charge of willful cruelty to a child causing possible injury or death. A video allegedly depicting him brutalizing a child inside a house has been circulating online and has been submitted to authorities as part of the investigation.

The video, which has caused widespread concern, shows a man losing control and attacking what appears to be a young boy. The nature of the relationship between the adult and the child is unclear, but law enforcement authorities believe the man in the video is Charkowski. The video, which was captured on home surveillance footage, will likely be a crucial piece of evidence in the ongoing case.

Charkowski’s arrest occurred on January 4, several months after the alleged offense took place in June 2022. Although the case was filed in November, it was only recently that Charkowski was taken into custody. He has since been released on bail, and future court dates have been scheduled.

Charkowski’s professional career in showbiz includes working on several high-profile TV shows. He was most recently involved in the post-production of “Jury Duty,” a series that garnered attention last year and even received a nomination at the Golden Globes. Charkowski’s role in the show, however, ended after its production wrapped up nearly a year ago. Sources close to the matter reveal that he was an outside contractor for the series and not a permanent employee of Amazon/Freevee.

In addition to “Jury Duty,” Charkowski had also been working on Bravo’s “Below Deck Mediterranean” for a significant period. However, according to production sources, he hasn’t been associated with the show for the past two years.

Following the release of the video depicting the alleged child abuse, there has been a public outcry for Amazon to sever ties with Charkowski. TMZ’s sources assert that he is no longer employed by Amazon and is unlikely to be reinstated.

TMZ reached out to Charkowski for comment, but he declined to provide any statement.

The arrest and subsequent removal of Charkowski from the Amazon Prime show highlight the industry’s commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of children. The swift action taken by the studio demonstrates their zero-tolerance policy towards any form of child abuse or endangerment. As the legal proceedings continue, it remains to be seen how this case will impact Charkowski’s future in the entertainment industry.

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