Julio Urias Won’t Face Felony Charge For Alleged DV Incident W/ Wife, D.A. Decides

Julio Urias Will Not Face Felony Charge for Alleged Altercation with Wife

In a recent development, Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Julio Urias will not face a felony charge for the alleged physical altercation involving his wife at a soccer game in September. According to TMZ Sports, the L.A. District Attorney has rejected the case, concluding that the incident did not warrant such a serious charge.

Although this is good news for the 27-year-old pitcher, it does not mean he is fully in the clear. The case will now be sent to the City Attorney, who could choose to file a misdemeanor charge against Urias. It is important to note that Urias was arrested at the scene for felony domestic violence and was taken to jail before posting a $50,000 bond.

Sources close to the investigation reveal that law enforcement believes Urias was involved in a verbal altercation with his wife that turned physical. However, due to Urias’ lack of a criminal record and other factors, the D.A.’s office does not believe it rises to the level of a felony, hence the rejection.

This is not the first time Urias has faced allegations of domestic violence. In 2019, he agreed to participate in a diversion program after being accused of pushing a woman at a popular L.A. mall. However, he was neither convicted nor tried in that case.

Following the incident, the L.A. Dodgers, Urias’ team since breaking into the Majors in 2016, distanced themselves from him, cleaning out his locker and removing his images from Dodger Stadium. Major League Baseball also placed him on administrative leave a few days after the alleged incident.

Urias, who is currently a free agent, awaits his status with MLB. The D.A.’s decision could represent a step towards signing with a new team. However, it remains to be seen how this situation will unfold, and the story is still developing.

In conclusion, while Julio Urias will not face a felony charge for the alleged altercation with his wife, the case is not completely resolved. The City Attorney could still file a misdemeanor charge against him. As the situation continues to unfold, Urias’ future in baseball remains uncertain.

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