John Mayer Sends Anderson Cooper, Andy Cohen Into Laughing Fit at NYE Cat Cafe

tag is a commonly used HTML element that is used to group other elements together and apply styles or manipulate them as a whole. In the given code snippet, the

tag is used multiple times to structure the content of an article.

The article starts with an image block represented by the

tag with the id “cb-86d2df7026f3af3bd58ebf7da170b6f5”. Inside this section, there is a

tag with the class “image-block” that contains an tag linking to an image. The image is displayed using the tag with the source URL and other attributes like width, height, and alt text.

The next section with the id “cb-63ba16ae4ca6117665ca5df51633f88c” contains a

tag that describes John Mayer’s appearance on CNN’s New Year’s Eve show and his interaction with Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen.

Following that, there is another section with the id “cb-0a74453317f8ed5b5cada67602f5b95a” which represents a Twitter tweet block. It contains a

tag with the id “cb-0a74453317f8ed5b5cada67602f5b95a-1499216626-target” and inside it, there is a

tag with the class “twitter-tweet”. The tweet is displayed along with the Twitter handle and a link to the tweet.

The article continues with more sections and

tags containing text blocks and images. Each section has a unique id and represents a different part of the article.

Overall, the use of

tags in this code snippet helps in organizing the content of the article and applying styles or functionality to specific sections or elements within the article.

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