Jimmy Kimmel-Aaron Rodgers libel suit looms; Justin Fields is not the answer in 2024; ESPN apologizes for live, bare boob

The Chicago Bears have been searching for a franchise quarterback for what seems like an eternity. And after their recent win over the Atlanta Falcons, it seems like they may have finally found their answer in Justin Fields. However, the reality is that the Bears are deluding themselves into thinking that Fields is their QB of the future.

Fields’ performance against the Falcons was certainly impressive. He threw for over 260 yards and one touchdown, making game-changing plays that had Chicago fans excited. But let’s not forget that this was just one game against a struggling Falcons team. Fields’ success in this game does not guarantee success in the long run.

The truth is, Fields has been inconsistent throughout his rookie season. He has shown flashes of brilliance, but he has also made rookie mistakes that have cost the Bears dearly. His decision-making and accuracy have been called into question, and he has struggled to read defenses and make quick decisions.

In addition, the Bears’ offensive line has been porous at best, leaving Fields vulnerable to constant pressure and hits. This has not only affected his performance but also puts him at risk for injury. Without a solid offensive line to protect him, Fields’ potential as a franchise quarterback is limited.

Furthermore, the Bears’ coaching staff has not done a great job of developing young quarterbacks. They have a history of mishandling talented players at the position, and there is no reason to believe that Fields will be an exception. Without the right coaching and support, it is unlikely that he will reach his full potential.

The Bears are also lacking in offensive weapons. While they have a decent running game with David Montgomery, their receiving corps is underwhelming. They lack a true number one receiver who can consistently make plays and create separation. Without a strong supporting cast, Fields will struggle to succeed.

It’s not to say that Fields doesn’t have the potential to be a good quarterback. He certainly has the physical tools and athleticism to succeed in the NFL. But the Bears’ current situation does not set him up for success. They are deluding themselves into thinking that Fields alone can turn the franchise around.

The Bears need to take a step back and assess their overall strategy. They need to invest in their offensive line, find playmakers on offense, and hire a coaching staff that can properly develop and utilize Fields’ talents. Until then, the Bears will continue to delude themselves into thinking that Fields is their QB of the future, while the reality is that they are setting him up for failure.

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