Jim Irsay Found Unresponsive, Blue During Suspected Overdose In December, Cops Say

Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay has had a tumultuous journey with addiction, and recent events have once again shone a spotlight on his struggles. According to police reports obtained by TMZ Sports, Irsay was found unresponsive and gasping for air in his bed during a suspected overdose in December.

Carmel Police Department documents reveal that officers were dispatched to Irsay’s residence in Carmel on December 8th at around 4:30 AM. Upon arrival, they discovered Irsay unconscious on a bathroom floor with a blue skin tone. He was then moved to his bed, where he was struggling to breathe and had a weak pulse and constricted pupils.

Despite attempts to wake him with a sternum rub, Irsay remained unresponsive. However, after one dosage of Narcan, a drug commonly used to revive people in opiate overdose situations, he responded slightly. Paramedics arrived shortly after and took over lifesaving efforts before transporting him to a nearby hospital.

The police documents note that a caretaker provided a list of medications Irsay had been taking, but it remains unknown what he had ingested prior to their arrival. The incident was classified as both an “overdose” and “overdose/poisoning” in the documents.

Following the incident, Irsay was absent from his role with the Colts for several weeks. On January 9th, the team announced that he had been dealing with a “severe respiratory illness.” The Colts stated that he would miss a scheduled appearance in Los Angeles with his band, the “Jim Irsay Band,” while receiving treatment for the ailment.

While it remains unclear if Irsay’s recent hospitalization is directly related to the December incident, it is evident that his battle with addiction has taken a toll on his health. In an interview with Andrea Kremer in November, Irsay opened up about his struggles with alcohol and pain pill addiction, revealing that he had been to rehab at least 15 times.

Irsay also shared a harrowing story of a previous overdose, where he stopped breathing and had to be revived by doctors. Reflecting on the incident, he expressed gratitude for still being alive, as the doctor had essentially signed his death certificate.

The recent events surrounding Jim Irsay serve as a reminder of the devastating impact addiction can have on individuals, regardless of their status or success. It is a powerful testament to the ongoing battle many face in their fight against substance abuse.

As of now, there has been no response from Irsay regarding the December incident or his recent hospitalization. However, it is clear that he has faced significant challenges in his life and continues to fight for his recovery.

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