Jerry Reinsdorf threatening to move ChiSox is an empty threat

Title: Jerry Reinsdorf’s Relationship with White Sox Fans: A Rocky Road


Jerry Reinsdorf, the owner of the Chicago White Sox, has long been at odds with the team’s fanbase. The animosity between Reinsdorf and the fans is a fundamental aspect of understanding the current state of affairs on the Southside. Recent discussions about a potential move to Nashville have only exacerbated the strained relationship. This article will delve into the reasons behind this animosity and shed light on the dynamics at play.

The White Sox Lease and Reinsdorf’s Ambitions

The White Sox currently play at Guaranteed Rate Field, formerly New Comiskey Park, under a lease that expires in six years. However, the team has not been burdened with paying rent, nor have they been responsible for any improvements or renovations. This favorable arrangement has not stopped Reinsdorf from expressing his desire for a new stadium or significant upgrades. He seems to be eyeing the examples of other teams, such as the Texas Rangers and the Tennessee Titans, who have recently secured new facilities after a relatively short time in their previous ones.

Empty Threats and Underestimated Leverage

Despite Reinsdorf’s hints at a potential move to Nashville, the baseball community in Chicago sees this as an empty threat. The idea of the White Sox moving from the third-largest market to Nashville, a smaller market, seems far-fetched. Moreover, Reinsdorf underestimates the sentiment of White Sox fans. While they love the team, they despise the way Reinsdorf manages it. His leverage with the fanbase is virtually nonexistent, as many fans would rather see him depart than endure more lackluster teams and a frugal approach to spending.

Reinsdorf’s Next Move and the Fans’ Response

Reinsdorf’s next strategy may involve enticing various suburbs with the aim of pressuring the city and state into providing a new stadium. However, the public’s response is likely to be apathetic at best. The failed attempts by the Chicago Bears to secure a new stadium illustrate this sentiment. Fans and citizens are more likely to respond with a “fine, go” attitude, as they have little interest in supporting Reinsdorf’s demands.

Guaranteed Rate Field: A Great Venue Despite Reinsdorf’s Claims

Guaranteed Rate Field is a well-regarded stadium, providing an enjoyable game-day experience for fans. Reinsdorf may point to attendance figures as a sign of fan dissatisfaction with the venue, but in reality, fans are mostly discontented with the team’s on-field performance. The White Sox have failed to make significant moves in free agency or trades, and their lackluster results in the weakest division in MLB have added to the frustrations of the fanbase.

The Future of the White Sox

Despite the tensions, it is highly unlikely that the White Sox will move from Chicago. Reinsdorf’s best hope is to negotiate another favorable agreement that allows him to stay put. However, if he were to secure a new stadium or major renovations, he would likely need to promise to sell the team once the work is completed. Given Reinsdorf’s history of deal-making and his reluctance to relinquish control, this scenario appears unlikely.


Jerry Reinsdorf’s strained relationship with Chicago White Sox fans has created a toxic atmosphere on the Southside. The animosity stems from fans’ dissatisfaction with the team’s performance and Reinsdorf’s management style. While the possibility of a move to Nashville has been floated, it appears to be an empty threat. Ultimately, the best outcome for all parties involved may be for Reinsdorf to sell the team, allowing the White Sox to start afresh under new ownership.

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