Jeremy Allen White and Rosalía Enjoy Smoke Break Amid Dating Rumors

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The article begins by discussing the dating rumors surrounding Jeremy Allen White and Rosalía. It mentions that the two were spotted together in West Hollywood, engaging in conversation and enjoying a smoke break. The article also highlights the similarities between Jeremy’s real-life actions and his character’s behavior on a TV show.

The article goes on to mention that Jeremy and Rosalía were seen together in a public farmer’s market outing and that they continue to hang out, leading to further speculation about their relationship. It also mentions that Jeremy is currently going through a divorce from his wife, Addison Timlin, with whom he shares two children. However, the article notes that Jeremy and Addison appear to be on good terms and are often seen together as a family.

The article concludes by emphasizing Jeremy’s openness about his personal life and his growing success in the industry. It describes him as down-to-earth and unafraid to show his true self.

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