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Why You Shouldn’t Trust the Los Angeles Clippers: A Sportswriter’s Perspective

As a sportswriter, there are certain teams that you simply shouldn’t trust. One of those teams, despite their recent success, is the Los Angeles Clippers. Their fans may be falling for their potential once again, but as someone who has witnessed their disappointments in the past, I urge you to think twice before placing your faith in this team.

For me to believe that the Clippers, or any team with James Harden, are genuine contenders, they would have to be up 25 points with only 3 seconds left in the clinching game of the NBA Finals. Even if they dominated the first three rounds of the playoffs and faced weakened opponents, I wouldn’t bet on LA’s stepchild.

Now, you may think that I’m hating on the Clippers, and to some extent, that may be true. However, there’s also a part of me that is motivated by self-preservation. Just look at how many media members looked foolish for believing in Aaron Rodgers and his Green Bay Packers this season. Countless journalists hitched their hopes to Rodgers, only to be proven wrong. I don’t want to be one of those individuals.

I don’t care about Ty Lue’s rotations, Harden’s commitment to the game, Kawhi Leonard’s resurgence, or whatever Paul George is excelling at. The chances of only one of those stars being healthy and performing well come April are much higher than the Clippers making a deep postseason run and winning an NBA title.

Currently, the Clippers have a respectable record of 21-12, which is what any team with their level of talent should be achieving. However, let’s not forget that the Philadelphia 76ers were 26 games above .500 last year and had the league MVP, yet they still fell short in the second round. Can we really expect the Clippers, a franchise with a history of incompetence and bad luck, to fare any better?

While I genuinely hope for the best for fans like Billy Crystal and the dedicated supporters who attend Clippers games, this article serves as a warning to fellow sportswriters and prognosticators. Think twice, thrice, a hundred times before putting your belief in Santa Claus on the internet. People only remember your predictions if they turn out to be completely off-base, and that’s not a reputation any writer wants.

In conclusion, the Los Angeles Clippers may be playing well right now, but history has taught us not to trust them. As a sportswriter, it’s my duty to provide honest analysis and caution against blindly believing in teams that have consistently disappointed. So, before you jump on the Clippers bandwagon, think twice and consider the risks involved.

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