How To Mine Double-Digit Gains Overnight

Nikia Wade: Welcome to the Monthly Milestone – where we bring you the very best analysts, investors, and traders in this world! These are folks who have been in the industry for decades, and they’re getting results.

There are a lot of places where you could get advice from people, but you want to get insight from those who are actually getting the results that you want. So I am very excited to have the one and only options expert Nic Chahine.

He is working around the clock every single day just to help investors learn and really navigate through the market.

So, Nic, I don’t take it lightly that you made the time to join us today on Monthly Milestone.

The Method Behind the Madness

Nikia Wade: There are a lot of trades that you’ve had that are extremely impressive. I’m talking about double-digit gains and triple-digit gains. There was one recently that really caught my attention. We’re not going to give the name of the stock quite yet, but let’s explore how you process addressing the market and really what goes on in that genius mind of yours.

There was an options play that you released to your current subscribers, investors looking to make money in the market. Literally overnight, it soared by a double-digit gain.

So without saying the name of the company, could you run a cell maybe like 3 to 5 points? How did it cross your radar and how did you know that this would be a good idea to jump into?

Nic Chahine: Thanks for having me here. I wouldn’t miss the opportunity for the world. So I’m here to spread the good word. So the idea is to not make mistakes. So my first priority is to try to avoid the easy mistakes.

Part of it includes doing homework all the time. And that’s what we do. And we share the homework. Even though the rhythm of the market was negative at the time of the pick, you can still have upside potential in tickers that hit levels of support and you expect the price to do something.

As far as the expectations, we’re not always chasing the quick buck. We want to have some sustainable ideas that anybody with any kind of schedule would be able to to capitalize on. This one just happened to deliver overnight.

So in this market, when everything has rhythm, you don’t want to go against the rhythm, and the rhythm is lower lows and lower highs for that particular take around the whole market.

So you take the advantages that it gives you. You get a quick buck, you book it and you try to re-engage with it at a later point. That’s not all of them like this, but this one played out quickly.

The idea is to give somebody some time, lend them the idea. They contemplate it for a day, and then they hop on maybe. Then, they have it play out over weeks, two months, or even a year. But that last one happened to be a quick win.

So we have a few other ideas still in the hopper, but this one was great how it panned out the very next day.

Nikia Wade: That’s amazing. I know that you have different tools that you use to measure the market. Was there anything that happened in the market at that time where you were like, “Yes, I definitely want to go ahead, jump in and get on?”

Nic Chahine: It’s a combination of things. So the one thing was that this particular ticker was falling into support. So that in itself gave me clues that, “Hey, the last time I was here, I bounced.” That’s the first clue.

Then you have to look at some other things: How has the rest of the market been doing? What’s the news flow like? Are there any disruptions in the price action?

I want to know what’s coming so I can identify those little disruptions.

Also, you have to look at the company itself. Does it have any planned headlines coming like earnings, dividends, or whatever? It’s all part of it. You can’t just jumping to an idea.

Also, you look at the technicals. That’s really important these days because you don’t hear them say most of the trading is done by machines. Well, machines use math and geometry. So if you ignore those two things, you’re ignoring a huge part of trading these days and investing.

Every investor needs to know charts. And if they don’t, they have people like us that help them. So charts play a big role when you enter a play. You have to have strong reasons for why you’re entering a play. You have to have your reasons, and I did.

And then you need to have an exit strategy.

So with the whole picture, it’s a bunch of little things that are habits that professionals do that the retail clients (the ones that don’t do it for a living) need to adopt those habits. And we try to instill those habits in there, but with our behavior.

Nikia Wade: Beautiful. So the stars were aligned for you. You’re looking at the charts; you’re looking at what’s going on with support. You’re feeling that everything is in alignment and you need to jump in. And like you said, it just soared over overnight.

If you’re looking for guidance and a little help with navigating the markets, you don’t want to be out here doing that by yourself.

And that’s why we have people like Nic, who are generous to actually help investors get the right information.

So what was the options play that you did that brought in double-digit gains literally overnight?

Nic Chahine: Now, the options play was…

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