He Stole Hundreds of iPhones and Looted People's Life Savings. He Told Us How.

Title: The Dark Side of Apple’s Software: A Convicted iPhone Thief Shares His Story


In a world where technology plays an increasingly prominent role in our lives, the security of our personal devices is of utmost importance. Apple, known for its robust software and stringent security measures, has long been revered for its ability to protect user data. However, even the most fortified systems can have vulnerabilities, and it is through one such weakness that a convicted iPhone thief managed to exploit Apple’s software, ultimately leading to his downfall and incarceration in a high-security prison.

The Vulnerability:

The convicted iPhone thief, who prefers to remain anonymous, recently shed light on his criminal activities and the methods he employed to exploit Apple’s software. The vulnerability he exploited was related to Apple’s iCloud Keychain, a feature that securely stores passwords and credit card information across Apple devices. This particular weakness allowed him to bypass the device’s security and gain access to the iCloud account, ultimately unlocking the stolen iPhone.

The Modus Operandi:

The thief would target unsuspecting individuals in crowded public places, such as cafes or shopping malls, where people often tend to let their guard down. Armed with specialized tools and software, he would discreetly gain physical access to a victim’s iPhone and quickly exploit the vulnerability in Apple’s software to disable the device’s security measures.

Once inside the iPhone, the thief would access the iCloud account using the obtained credentials. This allowed him to unlock the device, access sensitive information, and wipe the stolen iPhone clean to avoid detection. With the device unlocked, he would then sell the stolen iPhones on the black market, where they would fetch a high price due to their pristine condition and Apple’s reputation for security.

The Downfall:

While the stolen iPhone business initially brought him fast cash, the thief’s luck eventually ran out. Apple’s security team, constantly working to patch vulnerabilities, identified the weakness exploited by the thief and swiftly released an update to fix it. The update was accompanied by an investigation into the stolen iPhone market, leading to the arrest and subsequent conviction of the thief.

The Consequences:

The convicted iPhone thief now serves his sentence in a high-security prison, reflecting on the consequences of his actions. His life, once fueled by greed and the thrill of exploiting Apple’s software, has taken a drastic turn. As he ponders his choices, he acknowledges the impact his actions had on innocent individuals who fell victim to his crimes.

Apple’s Response:

In response to the incident, Apple expressed its commitment to the security of its users and vowed to continue improving its software to prevent future vulnerabilities. The company acknowledged that no system is entirely foolproof, but it remains dedicated to staying one step ahead of potential threats.


The story of the convicted iPhone thief serves as a reminder of the constant battle between technology companies and criminals seeking to exploit their software. It highlights the importance of remaining vigilant when it comes to securing personal devices and the necessity for companies like Apple to continuously update and fortify their software against emerging threats. As users, we must also do our part by regularly updating our devices and adopting best practices for safeguarding our personal information.

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