Happy 1-year anniversary to Jon Heyman’s Arson Judge tweet

Title: The Arson Judge Typo: How One Typo Sparked a Social Media Firestorm


In the fast-paced world of sports journalism, accuracy and speed are of utmost importance. However, sometimes even the most experienced reporters make mistakes. This was the case on a fateful day one year ago when MLB Network insider Jon Heyman’s tweet about Aaron Judge being traded to the San Francisco Giants went viral for all the wrong reasons. A simple typo turned the baseball world upside down, creating a social media firestorm that affected both the players and fans involved.

The Arson Judge Typo

On that day, MLB fans were eagerly awaiting news about the future of Aaron Judge, the New York Yankees’ star outfielder. Rumors had been swirling about the possibility of Judge leaving the Yankees and joining the San Francisco Giants in a mega-deal worth up to $360 million. The anticipation grew when Jon Heyman tweeted, “Arson Judge appears headed to Giants.”

The Typo Heard ‘Round the Baseball World

The tweet immediately caught everyone’s attention, but not for the reasons Heyman intended. The glaring typo, replacing “Aaron” with “Arson,” set off a chain reaction of confusion and mockery on social media. Fans and players alike seized upon the mistake, creating memes and demanding Heyman face consequences for his error.

Heyman’s Swift Retraction

Realizing his mistake, Heyman quickly deleted the tweet within seven minutes. However, in the fast-paced world of social media, those seven minutes were enough for the typo to spread like wildfire. Heyman then issued an apology, tweeting, “Giants say they have not heard on Aaron Judge. My apologies for jumping the gun.”

The Fallout

The online community wasted no time piling on Heyman, with the hashtag #ArsonJudge trending on Twitter. Some even called for him to be sent to “Twitter jail.” Giants pitcher Logan Webb publicly expressed his disappointment, stating, “Not cool, man.” The typo had unintentionally created a frenzy, with fans and players alike caught up in the chaos.

The Real Story Emerges

Amidst the chaos, a report from The Athletic shed light on the behind-the-scenes negotiations. Yankees owner Hal Steinbrenner had sent Judge a text offering a ninth guaranteed year and an additional $40 million. Judge accepted the offer, and the deal was sealed. This revelation put an end to the possibility of Judge joining the Giants, and he was subsequently named the Yankees’ first team captain since Derek Jeter.

Judge’s Humorous Response

In a podcast interview with Mookie Betts, Judge joked about the situation, referring to himself as “Arson Judge.” He quipped, “I haven’t seen his stats yet with the Giants.” The lighthearted remark reflected Judge’s ability to find humor in the chaos and move forward.

The Impact of a Typo

Although the typo was unintentional, it had a significant impact on the baseball landscape. It highlighted the power of social media in driving narratives and shaping public perception. Additionally, it showcased the importance of accurate reporting and the potential consequences of even the slightest errors.


The Arson Judge typo serves as a cautionary tale for sports journalists and social media users alike. It reminds us of the need for accuracy, especially in the age of instant information sharing. While the incident brought moments of chaos and amusement, it ultimately had little impact on Judge’s future. Nevertheless, it serves as a reminder of the power of words, even when a simple typo alters the course of a conversation.

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