GSTC, Agoda & Goa Government unite for sustainable tourism in India

The Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC), Agoda, and the Goa government have joined forces to promote sustainable tourism in India. This collaboration aims to create a more sustainable and responsible tourism industry that benefits both the environment and local communities.

The GSTC is a global authority on sustainable tourism, providing guidance and standards for destinations and tourism businesses. Agoda, one of the world’s leading online travel platforms, is committed to promoting sustainable tourism practices. The Goa government, on the other hand, has recognized the importance of sustainable tourism and is taking steps to implement sustainable practices in the state.

The partnership between these three entities will focus on raising awareness about sustainable tourism and promoting responsible travel practices in Goa. The goal is to encourage tourists to make more conscious decisions when visiting the state, minimizing their impact on the environment and supporting the local community.

One of the key initiatives of this collaboration is to educate tourists about sustainable tourism practices. This will involve providing information on how to reduce their carbon footprint, support local businesses, and respect the cultural heritage of the destination. Tourists will be encouraged to choose accommodations that have been certified by the GSTC for their sustainable practices.

Agoda will play a crucial role in this partnership by promoting GSTC-certified accommodations in Goa on their platform. This will make it easier for tourists to identify and choose sustainable accommodation options. Agoda will also work closely with the Goa government to develop and implement sustainable tourism policies and practices.

The Goa government, on its part, is committed to creating an enabling environment for sustainable tourism. They will work towards developing sustainable tourism infrastructure, implementing waste management systems, and conserving natural resources. The government will also collaborate with the GSTC and Agoda to train local tourism stakeholders on sustainable tourism practices.

By uniting the expertise and resources of the GSTC, Agoda, and the Goa government, this partnership aims to make Goa a leading sustainable tourism destination in India. The initiative will not only benefit the environment but also contribute to the socio-economic development of the local communities. Sustainable tourism practices will promote job creation, preserve cultural heritage, and enhance the overall visitor experience.

This collaboration is a significant step towards making tourism in India more sustainable and responsible. It sets an example for other destinations and tourism businesses to follow, showcasing the potential for economic growth while preserving the environment and benefiting local communities. With the combined efforts of the GSTC, Agoda, and the Goa government, sustainable tourism in India is set to thrive, ensuring a better future for both travelers and the destination.

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