Giannis thinks about the Pacers when he’s ‘about to get freaky’

The Indiana Pacers have become a thorn in Giannis Antetokounmpo’s side, as they continue to dominate the Milwaukee Bucks. Last night’s 142-130 victory marked the Pacers’ fourth win over the Bucks in their last five meetings. Not only that, but Indiana also knocked the Bucks out of the In-Season Tournament.

For Antetokounmpo, these losses have started to consume his thoughts. He admitted that the defeats have been on his mind constantly, even infiltrating his personal life. “You think about it. When you go home and sleep and wake up, you think about it. When you go back and work out, you think about it… When you’re about to get freaky at night, you think about it,” he told reporters.

Known for his playful nature and sense of humor, Antetokounmpo is not shy about making jokes and being candid. He often posts thirsty comments on his wife’s Instagram posts, and his wife even gifted him a BJ bell. However, it seems that the Pacers’ dominance has even seeped into his bedroom thoughts.

Antetokounmpo’s admiration for the Pacers doesn’t end there. He may also be thinking about the assistant coach who stole his game ball during a previous matchup between the two teams.

Despite these losses, Antetokounmpo doesn’t view them as the end of the world. However, it’s clear that the Pacers’ dominance has left a lasting impact on him both on and off the court.

As the Bucks continue their season, they will need to find a way to overcome the Pacers’ mental stronghold over Antetokounmpo. Only then can they regain their dominance and put an end to the constant thoughts and reminders of their defeats.

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