FSU fans get CFP committee’s website contact page shut down

The Wrath of Florida State Football Fans: Snubbed by the College Football Playoff Committee

The College Football Playoff Committee has once again ignited the anger of Florida State football fans after snubbing the team’s shot at the National Title. Despite being the ACC champions with a perfect 13-0 record, the Seminoles were left out of the playoffs, leaving their loyal fanbase frustrated and furious.

The committee, responsible for selecting the four teams that compete in the College Football Playoff, has faced backlash from FSU fans who believe their team deserved a spot in the playoffs. The disappointment was so intense that fans bombarded the committee with letters, phone calls, and emails expressing their outrage. In fact, the committee’s contact page had to be removed due to the overwhelming response from FSU supporters.

While the committee’s decision remains unchanged, FSU fans find some solace in knowing that they got under their skin. As one Florida State fan boldly claimed, “We broke them.” This sentiment is echoed by many who believe their relentless efforts made an impact, even if it didn’t change the outcome.

The anger and disappointment stem from the fact that the Seminoles finished the regular season with an unblemished record and were crowned conference champions. Their quarterback, Jordan Travis, was even considered a Heisman finalist before a season-ending leg injury. Despite their achievements, FSU became the first undefeated Power Five team in history to be excluded from the playoffs.

The frustration goes beyond the football field, as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has also chimed in on the controversy. DeSantis, known for his support of Florida State, has suggested using taxpayer money to sue over the Seminoles’ snub. His commitment to fighting for FSU’s inclusion in the playoffs highlights the deep emotional connection between the team and its fans.

While the committee’s decision may be final, the outcry from FSU fans serves as a reminder of the passion and dedication of college football supporters. The controversy surrounding the Seminoles’ exclusion from the playoffs will undoubtedly continue to be a topic of discussion among fans and analysts alike.

As the College Football Playoff continues to evolve and face scrutiny, it is crucial for the committee to carefully consider the impact of their decisions on the teams and their devoted fanbases. The passion exhibited by FSU fans demonstrates the significance of these games and the enduring legacy they leave in college football history.

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