Francis Ngannou Wants Rematch W/ Tyson Fury After Anthony Joshua Fight

Francis Ngannou, the former UFC heavyweight champion, has his eyes set on a future fight with boxing superstar Tyson Fury. Ngannou recently appeared on the TMZ Sports TV show and expressed his desire to face Fury, regardless of the outcome of Fury’s upcoming fight against Oleksandr Usyk.

Currently, Ngannou is preparing for his highly anticipated clash with Anthony Joshua on March 8. Both fighters are known for their incredible physical prowess, making this matchup one of the most exciting in recent history. However, Ngannou already has his sights set on what comes next.

“I’m not looking for the winner of Tyson Fury. I’m looking for Tyson!” Ngannou boldly stated during the interview. “Tyson owes me a fight. I don’t give a s*** about the winner of Usyk and Tyson. I’m coming after Tyson. Win or lose, I want Tyson!”

Ngannou’s desire for a fight with Fury stems from their previous encounter, where Fury secured a split decision victory. However, many boxing enthusiasts believe that Ngannou was the true winner of that bout. Despite the controversial outcome, Ngannou is determined to prove himself and settle the score with Fury.

Before he can focus on his future fight with Fury, Ngannou must first navigate the challenge of facing Joshua. Despite his previous success against Fury, Ngannou finds himself as the underdog in this upcoming bout. He understands the reasoning behind the odds, considering Joshua’s experience and accomplishments in the sport.

“I’m going in against a former champion and getting guys that have been in the game for so long, winning, and all this stuff,” Ngannou acknowledged. “I think he’s 30-something and I’m zero and one. C’mon man. How do you make me a favorite?”

Ngannou believes that Joshua will have studied his fight with Fury and will make adjustments accordingly. However, he remains confident in his abilities and aims to prove that his performance against Fury was not a fluke.

“I think this time I need to step it up even more to get the job done,” Ngannou declared.

Fans and enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating Ngannou’s upcoming fight against Joshua, which promises to be a thrilling showdown. However, the possibility of a future clash between Ngannou and Fury adds another layer of excitement to the heavyweight division.

March 8 cannot come soon enough for fight fans, as they eagerly await the outcome of Ngannou’s matchup with Joshua and the potential future showdown with Tyson Fury.

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