Ex-Trump Advisor Steve Bannon Slams House Speaker Mike Johnson’s Remark On Biden’s Election As ‘God’s Will’: ‘I Don’t Need A Theologian’

Former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon has criticized House Speaker Mike Johnson for his statement that President Joe Biden’s election was “God’s will.” Bannon argued that the country needs a political leader, not a theologian. The dispute between Bannon and Johnson highlights the ongoing tensions within the GOP.

In a podcast episode of “The War Room,” Bannon refuted Johnson’s assertion that Biden’s presidency was divinely ordained. Bannon declared Biden an unauthorized president and criticized Johnson for his theological remarks. According to The Hill, Bannon stated, “Don’t be a theologian, I don’t need a theologian. He is the Speaker of the House. That’s what the country needs.”

This clash between Bannon and Johnson is not the first. In November 2023, Bannon expressed dissatisfaction with Johnson over the passage of a controversial two-step continuing resolution, as reported by Benzinga. Johnson’s religious beliefs have also been questioned in terms of how they impact his stance on certain policies like abortion and the separation of church and state.

Johnson’s ascension to Speaker in October reignited the debate on election denialism, as he was among the 147 GOP members who voted against the certification of the 2020 election results. In January 2024, Johnson faced criticism within his party but received support from moderate Democrats. Although he dismissed accusations of being an election denier, he declined to acknowledge Biden’s victory.

Despite the rising tensions within the GOP over a contentious spending agreement, Johnson held firm on the deal, as detailed in a Benzinga article.

The dispute between Bannon and Johnson highlights the ideological divisions within the Republican Party. It also underscores the ongoing debate over the role of religion and faith in politics. While some politicians view their positions as divinely ordained, others argue for a more secular approach to governance.

It remains to be seen how this disagreement will impact Johnson’s leadership as House Speaker and the broader dynamics within the GOP. As the party continues to grapple with internal divisions, it will be crucial for Republican leaders to find common ground and unite behind a cohesive vision for the future.

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