Ex-Scorpions Drummer James Kottak Dead At 61

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The article starts by mentioning the sad news of James Kottak’s death, confirmed by TMZ. Further details about the circumstances of his death are not immediately available.

The article then provides some background information about James Kottak. He was a well-known drummer who was a part of the hard rock German band Scorpions, joining them in 1996 and becoming their longest-serving member until his dismissal in 2016 due to alcoholism. He was also the original drummer for Kingdom Come, a band that made an impact in the ’80s with their Led Zeppelin-style music. James Kottak also toured with other bands such as Krunk, Montrose, Wild Horses, and Buster Brown.

In addition to his music career, James Kottak made appearances on reality TV shows, most notably in 2012’s “Ex-Wives of Rock.”

The article concludes by mentioning that James Kottak was famously married to Tommy Lee’s sister, Athena, from 1996 to 2010, and they had a son named Matthew. James Kottak passed away at the age of 61.


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