ESPN’s First Take continues to be bizarre cesspool of inappropriate behavior

Title: Dan Orlovsky’s Bizarre Behavior Raises Concerns About ESPN’s Treatment of Women


Former NFL quarterback Dan Orlovsky has never been one to shy away from odd behavior. From admitting to using his towel at least 30 times before washing it to revealing his wife’s poop schedule, he has made headlines for his peculiar actions. However, a recent incident on ESPN’s First Take has brought attention to not only Orlovsky’s behavior but also the treatment of women on the show.

The Shoe Sniffing Incident

During a segment on First Take, Dan Orlovsky was seen sniffing co-host Molly Qerim’s shoe. Qerim, taken aback by his behavior, jokingly reprimanded him, saying, “I just got the shoe and I have tights on. Don’t be weird.” Stephen A. Smith confirmed the incident, suggesting that Orlovsky might have a foot fetish. The shoe in question was a gift from Stephen A. himself, given after he had lost a bet.

Orlovsky’s Unappetizing Food Takes

In addition to his strange actions, Dan Orlovsky is also known for his controversial food opinions. During a segment on Get Up!, Orlovsky ate a pancake off the floor, much to the shock of the audience. This incident further highlights his peculiar behavior and raises questions about his professionalism.

Treatment of Women on First Take

The incident involving Dan Orlovsky is just one example of how women are treated on First Take. In November, Stephen A. Smith and Marcus Spears had to address their male colleagues on-air to stop asking co-host Kimberly A. Martin out on dates. Molly Qerim also had to call out Stephen A. for using a different, more sultry tone when addressing Martin, which was deemed inappropriate.

ESPN’s Ongoing Issues

ESPN has faced criticism for its treatment of women, with several lawsuits being filed against the network. The Boston Globe has extensively reported on the hostilities faced by women who have worked at ESPN, highlighting that the problem goes beyond incidents like the one involving Dan Orlovsky. It is crucial for the network to address these issues and create a safe and respectful work environment for all employees.


Dan Orlovsky’s peculiar behavior, including shoe sniffing and eating pancakes off the floor, raises concerns about ESPN’s treatment of women on First Take. The incident involving Molly Qerim’s shoe highlights the need for a respectful and professional workplace environment. It is essential for ESPN to address these issues and work towards creating a culture that values and respects all employees, regardless of gender.

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