ESPN Sugar Bowl Flasher Offered Webcam Show Deal Worth Up To $100k

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The article discusses a woman who exposed her breast during ESPN’s Sugar Bowl broadcast. The incident went viral, catching the attention of an adult company called Camsoda. Camsoda has offered the woman a deal worth up to $100,000 to perform on their platform.

According to Camsoda, they are actively trying to locate the woman and invite her for a live one-hour webcam show. They are willing to pay a substantial amount for her time. The company sees her as the real MVP of the game and believes her actions caught the attention of viewers across America.

Camsoda’s Vice President, Daryn Parker, expressed surprise at ESPN’s involvement in such a scandalous incident. The company claims to see a lot of breasts on their platform, but the woman’s actions stood out.

ESPN issued an apology for the incident, regretting the sharing of the footage with millions of viewers during the College Football Playoff matchup.

As of now, the woman has not come forward or made any public statements regarding the incident or the offer from Camsoda. It remains to be seen if she will accept the deal.

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