ESPN Exec Calls Aaron Rodgers’ Kimmel Jab ‘Dumb,’ ‘Factually Inaccurate Joke’

ESPN distances itself from Aaron Rodgers’ controversial comments about Jimmy Kimmel, attributing them to a failed attempt at comedy. The New York Jets quarterback ignited a heated feud with the late-night host when he suggested that Kimmel could be connected to Jeffrey Epstein’s client list. Kimmel responded by threatening legal action and expressing concern for his family’s safety. Mike Foss, ESPN’s senior vice president of digital and studio production, acknowledged the inappropriate nature of Rodgers’ remark in an interview with Front Office Sports. Despite the drama, it seems that Rodgers may still be invited back to the show. However, Pat McAfee, who is involved in the feud, accused ESPN executive Norby Williamson of sabotaging his program. The conflict between Rodgers and Kimmel is complicated due to their affiliations with Disney, but both parties seem willing to move forward peacefully without resorting to legal action.

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