Donald Trump’s Red Hand Photo Chalked Up to Nothing But a Paper Cut

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The first section with the id “cb-abcac260b28be10463b2c396b8179b90” contains an image of Donald Trump leaving a courthouse. The image is wrapped in an tag that allows users to click on it and view a larger version. The image shows Trump waving his hand, which later becomes the focal point of speculation about his health.

The following sections provide more information about the image and the speculation surrounding Trump’s hand. It is mentioned that the image shows something bright red on Trump’s hand, which leads to various theories and diagnoses from internet users. Some speculate it to be blisters or sores, while others propose different ailments.

However, the article clarifies that sources tied to the Trump campaign state that the redness was actually caused by a simple paper cut, and the blood accidentally spread around his hand. This explanation is supported by the fact that Trump’s hand appears normal in later appearances.

The article concludes by mentioning that every little detail of the Republican campaign, including Trump’s hand, can drive the public crazy. It asserts that the mystery of Trump’s red hand has been solved and that he was caught “red-handed,” but not in the way people might have initially thought.

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element is used to structure and organize the content of the article, which discusses an image of Donald Trump’s hand that sparked speculation about his health. The article provides clarification and offers an explanation for the redness seen in the image.

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