Donald Trump Thanks Mobster Sammy the Bull for Calling Him ‘Legitimate’

tags in HTML are used to create a division or section within a webpage. They are commonly used to group and organize content. In the provided code,

tags are used to structure and layout different sections of an article.

The article starts with an image block section, which includes an image of Donald Trump with the former Gambino crime family underboss, Sammy the Bull. The image is displayed within a

element with the class “image-block”. It is wrapped in an tag that links to a larger version of the image. The image has a width and height of 728 pixels by 546 pixels.

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element with a unique ID and the class “canvas-block canvas-block-permalink canvas-text-block canvas-text-block-permalink canvas-text-block–default”. These sections contain paragraphs of text describing the interaction between Donald Trump and Sammy the Bull.

The article also includes a YouTube video block section represented by a

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Another image block section is present in the article, similar to the first one. It includes an image of Donald Trump within a

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