Donald Trump Blasts Reports He Bullied His Way Into ‘Home Alone 2’ Film

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The article starts by mentioning that Donald Trump is denying reports that he bullied his way into the film. He claims that the director begged him to play a role in a famous scene with Macaulay Culkin. Trump posted a statement on his Truth Social platform, criticizing Columbus for accusing him of bullying in a 2020 interview.

The article includes images of Donald Trump and Christopher Columbus, as well as a YouTube video related to the topic. It also mentions that Columbus wanted to film a scene at Trump’s Plaza Hotel and made a deal with Trump, promising to greenlight the request only if he could have a part in the movie.

Columbus agreed to the deal, and during the first screening, the audience cheered when Trump appeared in the film. Columbus found it odd but decided to leave Trump’s scene in the movie. In the interview, Columbus admitted that Trump bullied his way into the movie, but he saw it as a moment for the audience.

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