Don Lemon Says Nikki Haley More Dangerous Than Donald Trump

In a recent interview on TMZ Live, former CNN host Don Lemon expressed his concerns about potential presidential candidate Nikki Haley, stating that she could be a more detrimental choice for Americans than Donald Trump. Lemon highlighted several reasons why he believes Haley poses a greater danger.

One of Lemon’s main arguments is that Haley is unclear on her views and has been known to flip-flop on key issues. He specifically mentioned her stance on Trump’s insurrection, where she appeared to waver in her support. Lemon believes that this inconsistency raises questions about Haley’s integrity and reliability as a candidate.

Lemon also criticized Haley’s track record on abortion and racism. He accused her of having a poor record in both areas, suggesting that her policies and actions have been detrimental to marginalized communities. Lemon believes that electing someone with such a history could have severe consequences for the country.

Furthermore, Lemon argued that while Americans have already experienced a Trump presidency, Haley represents a new set of unknowns that could potentially be worse than anything Trump did. He expressed concern about the potential ramifications of electing someone who may have hidden agendas or policies that could negatively impact the nation.

This is not the first time Lemon has criticized Haley. He previously blasted her on social media for omitting slavery from her answer on the cause of the Civil War. While Haley apologized and asked for grace, Lemon called her hypocritical, citing their past disagreements.

As Lemon is speaking out on political issues for the first time since leaving CNN, his candid remarks about Haley may be a sign of his future intentions. He hinted at breaking news about his professional plans in the immediate future during the TMZ Live interview.

While Lemon does not want Trump back in office, he believes that Haley could be an even worse choice for Americans. However, he did mention that he respects Chris Christie, despite disagreeing with most of his policies. This indicates that Lemon is willing to evaluate candidates on an individual basis, rather than solely through a partisan lens.

Overall, Lemon’s concerns about Nikki Haley revolve around her inconsistency, track record, and the potential unknowns she represents. As political discussions continue to heat up, it will be interesting to see how Lemon’s perspective and opinions shape the conversation moving forward.

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