Diddy Sued Over Alleged Sexual Assault, Denies Allegations

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The article discusses serious allegations made against music mogul Diddy, also known as P. Diddy or Sean Combs. According to a lawsuit filed by a woman named Joi Dickerson-Neal, she accuses Diddy of drugging and sexually assaulting her on camera over thirty years ago in New York City. However, Diddy vehemently denies these claims, calling them “made up and not credible.”

The article provides details of the alleged incident, stating that Dickerson-Neal was a college student at Syracuse University in 1991 when she met Diddy. They went on a date that took a dark turn, and she claims that Diddy drugged her during their meal. She further alleges that he sexually assaulted her and secretly recorded the act. The woman is suing Diddy under New York’s Adult Survivors Act, which allows alleged victims of sexual abuse a one-year window to file a civil lawsuit, regardless of the statute of limitations.

Diddy’s spokesperson dismisses the lawsuit as a “money grab,” asserting that the allegations are false and that the woman’s story is not credible. The article also mentions that the woman accuses Diddy of showing the secretly recorded tape to numerous people, claiming that a musician informed her about it.

The accusations against Diddy come shortly after another lawsuit was filed by his ex-girlfriend, Cassie, accusing him of rape, abuse, and human trafficking during their relationship. However, that lawsuit was quickly settled.

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