David Spade Calls Hosting Awards Shows ‘High Risk, Low Reward’

In today’s entertainment industry, award ceremonies are a staple. They provide a platform for celebrities to showcase their talent and be recognized for their achievements. However, not everyone is keen on hosting these events. One celebrity who falls into this category is David Spade.

David Spade is no stranger to hosting TV shows, but when it comes to award ceremonies, he has no interest. In a recent interview outside LAX, Spade shared his thoughts on hosting awards shows, stating that they can be a “no-win situation” at times. According to him, it’s a tough gig to succeed at, and no matter how well you do, someone always ends up upset. In his mind, it’s a “high risk, low reward” situation.

Spade’s stance on award show hosting gigs comes in the wake of Jo Koy’s rough performance at the Golden Globes. Koy received mixed reviews for his opening monologue, which led to discussions about the challenges and pressures of hosting such events. Spade believes that these shows are incredibly tense, as celebrities are waiting to hear if they’ve won or lost. They don’t want to hear from a “clown” while they’re on pins and needles.

While Spade may not be interested in hosting bigger award shows like the Golden Globes or the Oscars, he has hosted shows like the Billboard Awards and the MTV Awards in the past. These events are considered to have lower stakes and are perhaps more conducive to Spade’s comedic style.

Spade’s opinion on award show hosting is not uncommon. Kevin Hart has famously stated that he would never host the Oscars because they are not comedy-friendly. Comedian Jo Koy also roasted the Golden Globes audience in his recent stand-up show, highlighting the challenges of entertaining such a high-profile crowd.

It’s clear that hosting award shows is not for everyone. The pressure and expectations that come with the job can be daunting, and one wrong joke can turn A-listers against you. As David Spade and other comedians have pointed out, these events can be a “no-win situation.” So, while award ceremonies continue to be a significant part of the entertainment world, not everyone is eager to take on the role of host.

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