David Alan Grier Dares TMZ Photog to Say Title Of His New Movie

In a recent interview with TMZ, the cast of “The American Society of Magical Negroes” expressed their agreement that white people should not say the title of the film in full. This includes TMZ’s own camera guy who was interviewing the cast members.

David Alan Grier, one of the stars of the film, made it clear during a walk-and-chat at LAX that he believes white people should steer clear of saying the full title. The film, a dark comedy with a twist on the “Harry Potter” concept, incorporates historical racial tropes.

The trailer of the film gives a clear idea of its content and premise. However, the issue of saying the title in full seems to be a sensitive topic for the cast. Justice Smith, the lead star of the film, also expressed the same sentiment during another interview with TMZ. Although it appears to be a joke, it underscores the sensitivity surrounding the film’s title.

The TMZ interview with David Alan Grier showcases a back-and-forth between him and the photog, creating an awkward but lighthearted moment. It seems that the cast members are emphasizing the importance of avoiding any potential offense or controversy by refraining from using the full title.

Ultimately, the cast of “The American Society of Magical Negroes” wants to ensure that everyone, regardless of their race, feels comfortable and respected. While the film tackles racial themes, it is clear that the cast aims to promote inclusivity and understanding.

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