Crowdfunding For Donald Trump: Supporters Rally To Pay Trump’s Legal Bills Through GoFundMe Campaign

Elena Cardone, the wife of renowned investor Grant Cardone, has launched a GoFundMe campaign to cover the legal expenses faced by former President Donald Trump. The initiative aims to raise $355 million, the exact amount Judge Arthur Engoron ordered Trump to pay in penalties related to a civil fraud case in New York.

Since its inception, the fundraiser has garnered over $239,553 from more than 5,500 contributors. Elena Cardone’s decision to start this campaign underscores her unwavering support for Trump, whom she believes is being unfairly targeted by certain judicial entities in New York. She argues that the legal challenges Trump is facing not only affect him but also threaten the principles of fairness and due process that are essential to all Americans.

“In standing with Trump, we’re upholding the cause of every business owner and entrepreneur who believes in the fight against a system that increasingly seeks to penalize dissent and curb our freedoms,” Cardone wrote on the campaign page.

This fundraising effort comes on the heels of another financial judgment against Trump, where he was ordered to pay $83.3 million for defaming writer E. Jean Carroll. This is in addition to a previous order to pay Carroll $5 million last year. Elena Cardone emphasizes that the fundraiser is not just about raising the required amount but about making a statement and showing solidarity with Trump in the face of legal challenges.

“This fundraiser is about making a stand. It’s about showing that when one of us is targeted for championing the values that make America great, he does not stand alone. We stand with him, shoulder to shoulder, ready to support, defend, and fight back against a system that threatens to undermine the very foundations of our republic,” she added in a note.

The campaign has attracted attention and support from individuals who believe in Trump’s cause and are willing to contribute to his legal defense fund. As the fundraising efforts continue, it remains to be seen how much support Elena Cardone and supporters of Trump will be able to gather in their quest to cover his legal expenses.

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