Christina Applegate Gets Standing Ovation at Emmys, Jokes About MS

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1. Video Block:
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2. Text Block 1:
The next section, with the class “canvas-text-block,” contains a paragraph that discusses Christina Applegate’s appearance at the Emmys. It mentions how her courage captivated the audience.

3. Text Block 2:
This section also contains a paragraph that highlights Christina Applegate’s multiple sclerosis diagnosis. It mentions how she received a standing ovation when she presented an award at the Emmys.

4. Image Block 1:

with the class “image-block” displays an image of Christina Applegate. The image is clickable and opens a lightbox preview. It provides a visual representation of Christina’s recent project, “Dead to Me.”

5. Text Block 3:
This section includes a paragraph that describes Christina’s entrance on stage using a cane. It mentions the emotional response from the crowd and her humorous comment about being shamed with disability.

6. Text Block 4:
In this section, the article refers back to Christina’s multiple sclerosis diagnosis and her previous statement about it being a strange journey.

7. Text Block 5:
The article mentions Christina’s statement from a previous award show where she predicted it would be her last as an actress due to her MS. It reflects on her presence at the Emmys and the impact it had.

8. Image Block 2:
Another image of Christina Applegate is displayed in this section. Similar to the previous image, it provides a visual representation of Christina herself.

9. Text Block 6:
This section discusses Christina’s use of a cane with a powerful message at a previous award show. It reflects on the impact her presence on stage at the Emmys had, even without a message on the cane.

10. Gallery Block:
This section, denoted by the class “canvas-gallery-block,” is empty in the article but could potentially contain a gallery of images or other multimedia content.

11. Text Block 7:
The final section of the article mentions that if Christina’s acting career is indeed over, she could still excel at award show presenting based on her captivating presence at the Emmys.

In conclusion, the

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