Children on Instagram and Facebook Were Frequent Targets of Sexual Harassment, State Says

Title: Alarming Revelations from New Mexico Lawsuit: 100,000 Child Users Harassed Daily on Meta Platforms


In a shocking disclosure, unredacted portions of a New Mexico lawsuit have shed light on the distressing reality faced by child users on Meta Platforms. According to these revelations, an estimated 100,000 children were harassed daily on the social media giant’s platforms in 2021. This revelation has sent shockwaves through the online community and intensified the urgent need for stronger measures to protect young users from harm.

The Lawsuit and its Unveiling

The unredacted portions of the New Mexico lawsuit against Meta Platforms, formerly known as Facebook, were made public recently, revealing the extent of the harassment faced by child users on the platform. The lawsuit, which alleges that Meta Platforms failed to protect users, especially minors, from harm, has been a catalyst for exposing the alarming reality of daily harassment faced by children.

The Disturbing Numbers

According to the unredacted portions of the lawsuit, an estimated 100,000 child users experienced harassment on Meta Platforms’ platforms on a daily basis throughout 2021. This staggering number underscores the gravity of the situation and highlights the urgent need for Meta Platforms to address child safety concerns.

The Types of Harassment

The unredacted portions of the lawsuit highlight various forms of harassment children encountered on Meta Platforms’ platforms. These include cyberbullying, online harassment, hate speech, and predatory behavior. The damaging effects of such experiences on young minds cannot be overstated, as they can lead to long-term psychological and emotional trauma.

Meta Platforms’ Responsibility

Meta Platforms has faced mounting criticism in recent years for its failure to effectively address content moderation and protect users, particularly minors, from harassment and harmful content. The lawsuit alleges that the company was aware of the rampant harassment occurring on its platforms and yet failed to take sufficient action to prevent it.

The Implications for Child Safety

The staggering number of 100,000 child users facing daily harassment on Meta Platforms’ platforms should serve as a wake-up call to society. It reveals the urgent need for stronger regulations, improved content moderation, and enhanced safety measures to protect young users from the negative impacts of online platforms.

Addressing the Issue

The revelations from the New Mexico lawsuit should prompt Meta Platforms to take immediate and comprehensive action to prioritize the safety and well-being of its users, especially children. The company must invest in advanced content moderation tools, employ more human moderators, and strengthen its algorithms to detect and remove harmful content swiftly.

Furthermore, collaboration with external organizations, experts, and governments should be sought to establish industry-wide guidelines and best practices for child safety on social media platforms. A collective effort is necessary to ensure that the digital landscape becomes a safer place for young users.


The unredacted portions of the New Mexico lawsuit have provided a distressing insight into the scale of harassment faced by child users on Meta Platforms’ platforms. With an estimated 100,000 children being harassed daily in 2021, urgent and comprehensive action is required to protect young users from the detrimental effects of online harassment. Meta Platforms must prioritize child safety, invest in advanced content moderation, and collaborate with external stakeholders to establish robust safety measures. Only through these collective efforts can we hope to create a safer and more inclusive digital space for all users, young and old.

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